Volunteering on David Best's Temple Crew

David Best created the Temple Project in 2000 when he built an art installation called Temple of the Mind at Burning Man that year. When Michael Heflin, a friend and crew member, died in a motorcycle accident just before installation David and the rest of the crew dedicated the piece to him as a memorial. During the event the burning man community left notes all over the Temple to remember their friends and loved ones that had passed away. It began a tradition and became the second most center art piece at Burning Man. Now tens of thousands of people contribute memorials for the people they have lost and the Temple is then burned in a silent ceremony on the final night of the festival.

I volunteered on David's crew in 2014 for the Temple of Grace and in 2015 for Temple of Derry which was built in Derry, N. Ireland in regard to Bloody Sunday and the for victims of "Troubles".

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